Designing a Lunar Cycle Journey

A full moon hangs over a Slovakian vineyard.

Adventure is easy to find when we are using it as a tool for personal growth. Aligning the energy of the moon toward our desire to reach our potential and to continue advancing our feelings, thoughts, behaviors, actions, and manifestations is a fun and fulfilling way to create adventure. This is a process that works even if we only have three, two, or even one day available for our transformation. What is travel if it doesn’t change us? This is the difference between lived experience and an emerging trend toward virtual reality. It is through the living and the experience that we are changed. Let’s explore how we can align a short adventure of personal growth with the natural energy cycles of the moon.

New Moon: Dreaming

My journal and a cup of coffee, setting intentions for my next adventure.

The new moon marks the start of a fresh lunar cycle. This is the time for setting intentions. What do you hope to learn on your next adventure? How do you want to grow or be changed? Who might you like to meet as a guide to facilitate your transformation process? Sink into the intuitive process, and pull out a journal or a vision board. Don’t worry much about the location, the logistics, or the finances. Those are details that will align after the intention has been fully identified.

Waxing Moon: Nurturing

During the waxing moon, decide where you want to go based on our resources and the intention you set at the new moon.

The waxing moon shines new light through the darkness. This light is clarifying the intention that you set at the new moon. This is the space to nurture your plan. How much time and how many resources do you have available for this adventure? Remember, change and personal transformation can occur in the space of a day; you don’t need to journey around the world for travel to shift your perspective. Study a map, build a spreadsheet, arrange lodging, and think though your activities based on your resources. This planning nurtures your intention.

Full Moon: Transforming

The full moon with castle in Budapest, Hungary.

The full moon is when the sun illuminates the entire surface of the moon, and it shines visibly through the night. This represents completion, abundance, and transformation. If the intention set during the new moon has been consciously nurtured, it has reached it’s full potential in this space. During the full moon, connect with your adventure, and celebrate its success. Embrace how your journey has changed you, and accept the growth from within your spirit.

Waning Moon: Reflecting

A mountain lake reveals a clear reflection in Lassen National Park, Northern California.

The waning moon brings a decrease in the amount of light from the moon. This is an invitation to slow down, to contemplate the depth of the growth and transformation experienced during the full moon. It is time to close the journey, and to say goodbye. What do you need to change in your life to make the transformation complete? Who do you need to release? We all know that personal growth and evolution take time; feelings, thoughts, and behaviors are patterns deeply ingrained in our subconscious minds. The intentions we set unearthed our dream of something different, our planning nurtured that intention, and we celebrated our transformation, but we need to create new space in our lives for the new energy to enter. This is the time to reflect on what needs to end.

Dark Moon: Resting

It’s been a long journey, and now it is time to rest.

The dark moon is the two day period between when the waning moon is finally gone from visibility, and before the first sliver of new moon is visible. This is the time to rest. You have gone the internal work to set an intention, to nurture it’s creation, to celebrate it’s success, and to reflect on release. Now let it all go, and cocoon into a time of stillness. Another lunar cycle will soon shine, and we all have so many more adventures to pursue along our Earth journey.

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