The Wild Self

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” Coco Channel

Beauty is simple. We create meaning through the narratives we produce, and the stories we share about ourselves and our lives. We can choose to produce beauty, and we have many tools available to us to help share and define those narratives. Through travel, we design experiences that allow us to confront fears, to create purpose, and to shape how we interact with ourselves and the external world.

Beauty is both physical and symbolic. Beauty is balance, health, purpose, and expression. Beauty must be what we are, otherwise it’s entire concept works against us. It is not something we are growing into, because then like the future, we have never arrived. It is a verb; beauty is itself the process of becoming.

The tools that enhance natural beauty are all around us: healthy food, fresh air, volcanic clays, plant extracts, and healing gemstones. The pages in this chapter explore the tools and techniques that empower and create natural beauty. The plants, clays, and stones absorb and store the energy of the geographic places and environmental processes where they are sourced, and some intentions for personal growth and travel are more aligned with purpose when paired with timing and symbolic ritual. These are the ideas that have influenced me, and now I am sharing them with others.

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