Guadalajara, Mexico: Hostal de Maria

The atmosphere and environment of the Hostal de Maria in Guadalajara is perfect for the solo traveler or the couple who needs a space to relax, think, and plan. It offers 24-hour reception, free filtered water, and a common area with WIFI access. The outside terrace also has plenty of seating areas, so if you prefer space with your morning coffee, it is comfortable to sit alone without feeling like the “weird introvert,” who doesn’t want to join the others at the single communal table.


It is located in the safe and central Plaza Colon, about a 15 minute walk from the Plaza de Armas, the Plaza Fundadores, and the San Juan de Dios Market. Be aware, though, that some of the maps of Guadalajara do not match the actual roads. My friend and I spent nearly half a day wandering around the city, searching for the bus station. Events moved positively for us anyway, as the hostel employee heard that we were trying to head out to Teuchitlan to see the Guachimontones, and he offered to take us on an unofficial tour. Word spread, and the next day, my friend, the hostel employee, and I were joined by three Germans and one Brit to see the recently unearthed archaeological site, which I will describe in more detail in a future post.

The village of Tlaquepaque in the suburbs of Guadalajara is renowned for its pottery and sculpture.

My friend departed Guadalajara before me on an earlier flight, and I spent my final day working remotely from the hostel on my laptop. I set up my workstation in the common area, and nobody disturbed me for eight hours. I was even able to participate in a meeting with the rest of my team back in California. The space was quiet, and in some ways, even preferable to my Sacramento office. If you plan to visit Guadalajara (and you should add it to your list if its not yet there) and if you want to avoid packs of wild Americans who’ve had too much mariachi and cerveza, try the Hostal de Maria. It can be found on the usual sites of Hostelworld, Expedia, and Hostelling International.

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