One Hour, One Year, One Lifetime

Travel connects us to what is magical about human life. Through travel, we explore the unknown, challenge our fears and limitations, and get lost in a world that requires our wits and our compassion to survive. Like any growth process, it is uncomfortable, maybe even painful, but when we touch the exhilaration on the otherContinue reading “One Hour, One Year, One Lifetime”

Travel as a Path toward Acceptance

The very nature of travel is demanding and those demands exert an emotional toll. When living out our daily lives, we are desensitized to the burden of our unhealthy emotions. Travel breaks us out of our normalized experiences to create an accelerated opportunity for us to acknowledge and confront those difficult emotions. We see themContinue reading “Travel as a Path toward Acceptance”

Pause and Completion: Travel, Healing, and Earth Cycles

Yesterday was the full moon. As someone who is intimately connected to the cycles of nature, I understand and experience the value in observing the phases of the moon and practicing personal growth habits that correspond to its symbolic flow. These practices create space to reflect on habits, choices, and behaviors, and to organize thoughtsContinue reading “Pause and Completion: Travel, Healing, and Earth Cycles”

Channeling Cassadaga: Lunchtime in the “Psychic Capital of the World”

When I heard that the oldest continuously active community of practicing Spiritualists was along the route of my road trip through the American South East, I of course had to plan to stop and visit. Cassadaga, Florida, is a tiny community off Highway 4, about an hour north of Orlando. Founded during the peak ofContinue reading “Channeling Cassadaga: Lunchtime in the “Psychic Capital of the World””

Three Low Impact Eco Adventures into the American South East

In my last post, I described some of my personally observed critiques related to the global Eco-Tourism industry. As much as I love travel, I also understand the contradictions between experience and knowledge; and am deeply aware of the privilege associated with the capacity to cross oceans and borders freely, where I enter other landsContinue reading “Three Low Impact Eco Adventures into the American South East”

Three Problems of Eco Tourism: A Barefoot Review

A steely sky cracked to release faint rays of sunlight, but the low swirling clouds and the peaks of the Dinarides consumed most of the warmth. It was only 9am. I was already chilled after my four kilometer walk in the light rain from the hostel to the travel agency to join nearly 100 otherContinue reading “Three Problems of Eco Tourism: A Barefoot Review”