Channeling Cassadaga: Meandering along the Psychic Footpath

Founded during the peak of the American Spiritualist movement in the mid-19th century, Cassadaga, Florida, is now a US Historic District and continues to host the Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp for seekers, psychics, and mediums to explore the veil between our world and the “others.” Spiritualists essentially believe that living humans can successfully interact withContinue reading “Channeling Cassadaga: Meandering along the Psychic Footpath”

Three Low Impact Eco-Adventures in the American South East

Thirteen percent of the land in the United States is protected from development, which is one-tenth of the total protected land on the planet. These areas are managed under the National Park Service, the United States Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. State by state, evenContinue reading “Three Low Impact Eco-Adventures in the American South East”

Travel for an Expansive Self

Nomad Star Travel, LLC offers pre-planned group excursion with scheduled outdoor immersion activities, interpersonal learning and development opportunities, and guided individual reflection. Challenge yourself to meet new people in a supportive and growth-oriented environment with like-minded people. We also offer private journey planning options for individuals who prefer a solo quest. Both the group excursionsContinue reading “Travel for an Expansive Self”

Connecting with an Earth-Based Consciousness through Land Acknowledgment

It is no secret that the United States is built on stolen indigenous land, on which many people lived, hunted, and worshiped for thousands of years before European colonization. While none of us can change the past, we can recognize the injustice and give acknowledgement to the tribal land before each picnic gathering with friends,Continue reading “Connecting with an Earth-Based Consciousness through Land Acknowledgment”

Traveler’s Power Stones for an Intentional Adventure

When we charge stones, we set powerful intentions for what we will seek and explore next along our Earth journey. Whether it is the stones themselves that create this reality, or simply that they are conscious reminders of what we want to find, they serve as guides directing along our path. These are five powerfulContinue reading “Traveler’s Power Stones for an Intentional Adventure”

Visiting Europe’s Second Highest Waterfall

Anela and I had already made plans through the Couchsurfing website to meet up before I even arrived in Sarajevo. When she met me at the bus station to show me to my guest house, we confirmed that the next day, we would hike to Skakavac Falls. At 321 feet, it is Europe’s second highestContinue reading “Visiting Europe’s Second Highest Waterfall”

Vanished Horses and Painted Ladies

While exploring one of the most charming neighborhoods I have seen in Cincinnati, I was reminded that history is viewed through the eyes of the victorious aggressor. That’s why Grandmother’s Foot in Bogota, Colombia, is now called Montserrat, and why there is no longer a temple to the sun at the top of El PanecilloContinue reading “Vanished Horses and Painted Ladies”