Travel for an Expansive Self

Photo by Admiral General M.

Nomad Star Travel, LLC offers pre-planned group excursion with scheduled outdoor immersion activities, interpersonal learning and development opportunities, and guided individual reflection. Challenge yourself to meet new people in a supportive and growth-oriented environment with like-minded people. We also offer private journey planning options for individuals who prefer a solo quest. Both the group excursions and the private journeys include access to personal growth counseling to leverage the opportunity for self-transformation. Meet your Holistic Counselor, and email to learn more.

The connection between personal growth and travel is not a new concept. Many faith and initiation practices involve the physical act of separating the self from routine to embark on a journey into the unknown. It is believed that through the process of giving of the self and confronting uncertainty while moving along a literal or metaphorical sacred path, the traveler will arrive at a destination of deeper understanding with their spiritual purpose, transformed into a person who will successfully and gracefully meet the challenges of their next phase of life. This internal or external, literal or metaphorical journey, represents initiation from one cycle into another. It forces us to set intentions and navigate the unknown, while also presenting us with emotional obstacles we must gracefully overcome.

Through intentional and intuitive planning, adventure, and reflection we connect with a source of strength that propels us toward a more meaningful identification with a web of life that is older than us, more intelligent than us, and more resilient than us. We learn to transform our mindset to recognize success, to accept social responsibility, and to act through faith. As we journey into a world that is currently unknown to us, we confront the uncertainty within ourselves and begin to overcome our emotional and psychological barriers, for continued alignment with success, growth, and transformation.


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Reflective eco-travel. Conscious adventure. Personal growth for systemic change.

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