One Hour, One Year, One Lifetime

Travel connects us to what is magical about human life. Through travel, we explore the unknown, challenge our fears and limitations, and get lost in a world that requires our wits and our compassion to survive. Like any growth process, it is uncomfortable, maybe even painful, but when we touch the exhilaration on the other side of the journey, it reminds our blood and our breath of how alive we really are.

In recent weeks, I relocated again, crossing another state line into unfamiliar territory. My life narrative has introduced many different types of living environments and other temporary accommodations. The renovated hotel along Cleveland’s Euclid Corridor. The efficiency above a tattoo studio and laundry mat in midtown Sacramento. The condo in Jackson Hole I shared with the young married ski instructors. The cute flat in the Chicago neighborhood of Greenwich Park. The trailer with my friend Kathleen and her two sons on the Humboldt Coast of northern California. Now a comfortable one bedroom apartment across the river from downtown Cincinnati.

The alley. Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 2005.

Some places I have lived feel more comfortable for who I am, but every place becomes part of me. Travelers I have met express similar emotions for places they visit, and one appeal of travel is the freedom to embrace a flow, a natural movement through time and space based on inspiration, connection, and pure heart. Arrive, feel the vibe, and stay for one hour, one year, or one lifetime.

The balcony. Northern Kentucky. 2022.

To be from nowhere but also from everywhere is moving in the flow of something deeper than social expectations. I am here now, I will be here for a bit, and then I will depart in peace. I stayed for one hour, one year, or one lifetime. This is the magic of travel, the freedom to be open to accept what is new and different, and to see beauty in it. For right now, I will find beauty in these suburbs.

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Healthy intentions. Conscious adventure. Systemic change.

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