Three Important Lessons Learned through the Adventure of Randonauting

Image by Ajay kumar Singh from Pixabay.

Randonauting is the word that defines travel to an “anomolous experience” using the new app called Randonautica. Randonautica describes itself as “the world’s first quantum random adventure game.” It challenges its players to clear their minds, focus their breathe on an intention, and then generate coordinates on a map that aligns with the experience they are seeking.

The mechanics of the app are relatively simple. Each user is gifted 30 Owl Tokens to use during the time cycle of sunrise until the next sunrise over the Giza pyramids. The first step is to set a distance radius that you want to travel. Since I like to walk, my radius is within two and a half miles of my current location. After setting a radius, you think about what you want to find. This is your intention. When your intention is clear, you generate the coordinates. The app then connects to Google Maps and you follow the directions to the destination.

I first heard about Randonautica while watching YouTube videos during the early days of the pandemic. At that time, it was an app only available through TikTok, and the users were describing sinister and malicious experiences. They were discovering indigenous burial sites, possessed dolls abandoned along gravel roads through the backwoods, and other disturbing oddities. I was curious, and wondered, is the darkness inherent within the app itself, or is it a case of attraction? Are the users seeking frightening experiences, and then finding them?

In November, 2020, a new version launched and became available for a free installation through the Google Play store. I installed it, and decided to initiate my own explorations. So far, I have generated five Anomolies, and successfully completed three of them. This is what I have learned, not only about Randonautica, but also about the energetic attraction that forms the material reality of life.

Intention matters.

While exploring my consciousness and how it overlaps with the physical world using this app, I wanted to avoid encountering an angry ghost or otherwise dark and dangerous presence. I kept my intentions aligned with “high frequency” motivations, and explored themes of gratitude, friendship, forgiveness, progress, and warmth. The “gratitude” exploration sent me directly to a large, old tree in the forest. “Progress” sent me to a cliff at the periphery of the Vine Street Hill Cemetery, overlooking Interstate 75.

“Progress” generated and explored on Saturday, December 5, 2020.

I was with a friend during the exploration of “Forgiveness.” He is the one who identified that intention. When I attempted to generate the experience, the app was unable to find a coordinate. It instructed me to either expand my radius, or select a different intention. I altered it a bit, searching for an experience of an Open Heart, and was then mapped to a location alongside a busy street. My friend, with his guilty conscience, talked on our walk about how he was unable to forgive himself for the culmination of all his actions. Perhaps that is why the app was unable to generate a site of forgiveness for us to find.

Feelings are stronger than words.

Our brains generate about 40 thoughts each minute. Most of these thoughts come from our subconscious mind, and it is impossible for our conscious mind to regulate and control them. While attempting to attract new opportunities and experiences in life, it is often easier and more effective to focus on a feeling instead of a thought or a word. To ask for one thing, while feeling the exact opposite, will generate the feeling instead of the thing described. At least, that is what I experienced with this app.

“Gratitude” generated and explored on Thursday, November 26, 2020.

During my attempt to find “Friendship,” my first intention was “Community.” Since living in Cincinnati, I have felt isolated with a limited social support network. I have practically no community in Cincinnati, so I wasn’t too surprised when the app told me that it couldn’t find “Community” in my radius. I cleared my head, and tried again, with the same results. Then I altered my word to “Friendship.” However, although my brain though the word “Friendship,” what I actually felt was the fear of being a stranger. I was understandably suspicious when the app generated a location to a parking lot of an apartment building well-known for its high crime rates. Although I embarked on that journey, I didn’t finish it. I listened to my intuition, and knew that I would find something disturbing or unwelcomed at the final destination.

Expect interference.

It seems to me that technology is evolving toward a trend that minimizes the separation between thought and form. Time and space have always been fluid, and now, through technology, we have even more agency over its relativity. However, the technological devices are still limited in their capacity to absorb the “psychic energy,” for lack of a better term. During my five Randonautica adventures, my phone has malfunctioned on three of them. On my quest toward “Warmth,” it repeatedly shut off, insisting the battery was low, but the battery was at 47%. While searching for “Friendship,” my Google Map app repeatedly rerouted, even though I was on the only road to the destination. Before heading to find the “Open Heart,” both the Randonautica app and the Google Map app failed and froze. I am not much surprised or shocked at these interferences. I believe there is much we do not understand yet about magnetic frequencies and psychic energy, and how they interact together. Our devices have not yet caught up with our creative capacities.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Some users claim the Randonautica app is evil. I disagree. It’s a tool for exploring how our own brains understand and connect to the outside world. I would recommend using caution, and consciousness, while embarking on an adventure though. Like any tool, it is powerful, and capable for both creative and destructive ends.

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